Scientist: Laura Indolfi

I’m an Italian Biomaterial Engineer currently working at MIT in the areas of drug delivery and cell therapy for regenerative medicine.

Even though all my relatives are lawyers and judges, I have always known my future was going to be something engineering related. The year I started College my family underwent a very intense period due to some health problem diagnosed to my dad. I remember that while the doctors described the different approaches, I realized I wanted to be involved in shaping and creating the therapies of the future to provide patients with life-threatening diseases the most advanced care they could have. This experience focused my goals towards life-science research, especially basic material properties and mechanisms involved in the design of prosthesis and therapeutics to treat human diseases. I am also very keen to the translational aspect of the biomedical research into industrial application and commercialization, broadening my business knowledge through classes at the Sloan School of Management within the Biomedical Enterprise Program.

I strongly believe in the power of outreaching initiatives to promote awareness and foster the public audience’s discovery of the beauty of science, that’s why I’m so proud of being part of Descience.

Designer: Carlos Villamil

Carlos Villamil is a Colombian Designer based in Boston, MA since early 2006. In the late nineties he worked in Italy for the Europe Central Industrial Design Office of Whirlpool Appliances. After that, and for several years, Carlos acted as Design Director of HAUS jewels+objects, a company based in Bogotá, Colombia that he co-founded, and obtained several national and international design awards creating contemporary jewelry and home goods. When he moved to the United States he started working in graphic design and marketing while studying Fashion Design at the prestigious Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Currently he is a Senior Graphic Artist at the organic food company Whole Foods Market.

In 2011 he worked designing footwear and accessories for the fashion house Adolfo Domínguez in their HQ in Ourense, Spain. Carlos main interest is Zero Waste fashion and he is now developing his first apparel and footwear collection based in this concept out of his studio in Boston while studying at Harvard University towards a Master in Sustainability and Environmental Management.